Carolyn Max

Our family has been coming to Teton Valley since the last 80’s and have had a second home since 1993.  The people I have grown to know over the years display a genuine, heartfelt lifestyle that adds depth and meaning to the community.

One of those people is Dr. Stuart Marshall.  He is a magnificent person full of love and soul.  These qualities are constantly present in his dental interaction with his patients.  Coming from the East Coast many health practitioners that I have met maintain a distance and an aloof professionalism that can leave one feeling vulnerable and truly not taken care of.

I chose Dr. Marshall 2 years ago to do a complete mouth restoration.  I felt he cared more than anything to extend his dental expertise to help me heal long-standing mouth and teeth problems.  About 13 years ago I had some of this same work done from a prosthodontist in North Carolina.  It was a nightmare in that I was just a patient who was there for dental work.  Full mouth restoration is a big deal…dentally, psychologically and emotionally.

I trusted Dr. Marshall within minutes of our introduction.  When working in my mouth he always stayed connected by talking and being very aware of my state of mind.  Simply speaking, this man cares.

Additional Testimonials

Carolyn Max

"Simply speaking, this man cares."

Hally Loe

"Dr. Marshall is an ARTIST! The results are amazing."

Mitch Smaellie

"I never thought I'd have this wonderful smile."

Phillip Moulton

"I had the smile I hadn't had since High School."

Trudy Treasure

"He makes you feel like a million bucks after every appointment."

Marilyn Reiley

Laser dental surgery worked for me

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