Hally Loe

I am a world touring musician with my music performed and played n 24 countries.  In my world, Dr. Marshall is a rock star!

I am photographed frequently and I felt that my smile needed a makeover.  I chose Dr. Marshall from the vast field of dentists for some cosmetic, as well as regular dentistry.  It was one of the best decisions of my life.

Dr. Marshall is an ARTIST!  His dentistry is painless, compassionate, experts and the results are absolutely amazing.  He truly cares about his patients and his work.  His caring char-side manner is surpassed only by his fantastic results.  I am proud of my smile and I am proud of my dentist!

Additional Testimonials

Carolyn Max

"Simply speaking, this man cares."

Hally Loe

"Dr. Marshall is an ARTIST! The results are amazing."

Mitch Smaellie

"I never thought I'd have this wonderful smile."

Phillip Moulton

"I had the smile I hadn't had since High School."

Trudy Treasure

"He makes you feel like a million bucks after every appointment."

Marilyn Reiley

Laser dental surgery worked for me

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