Marilyn Reiley

As long as I can remember, I’ve had two huge bumps (mandibular tori) protruding from the inside of my lower jaw on the inside of my mouth. Because they were under my tongue, they weren’t noticeable; yet when I ate certain foods (cereal, chips, hard crackers), they would occasionally irritate these bumps and cause some pain.

Every time I went to the dentist, I was reminded how impressive those tori were but nobody told me that It was possible to have them removed… until I started going to Dr. Marshall. He told me that it was possible to eliminate those big bumps.

I looked into having an oral surgeon perform the minor surgery, but his description of what was to take place sounded too intense (something like a chisel, hammer, and lots of blood) for me. I decided I could continue to live with the inconveniences of mandibular tori.

I told Dr. Marshall about the experience with the oral surgeon and he told me about his new laser machine that would take care of those bumps with a lot less involvement than the chisel/hammer method. I decided to go ahead and try it.

A local anesthesia, a little over an hour, and only a few cotton swabs later, I was tori-less. I didn’t need anything more and a couple of
ibuprofen – I didn’t even need the prescription pain medicine that I thought I would. I was so amazed at the skill, confidence and concern that Dr. Marshall displayed during the procedure. I appreciate his willingness to inform me of possible options, and then to perform the procedure right in his office.

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Marilyn Reiley

Laser dental surgery worked for me

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