Mitch Smaellie

The first time I walked into Dr. Marshall’s office, I felt like I was in the right place.  He and his staff are professional, friendly and concerned.  They have taken very good care of myself and my family.

I have had my share of dental work in the past with some good and some bad experiences.  As a child I was taught to take good care of my teeth, and for the most part, I have kept them very healthy.  My main dental problem was that two of my front teeth didn’t come in when I was a child.  It was difficult to eat certain foods, and I began to hide my teeth when I would smile.

Dr. Marshall is very talented and uses the most current equipment and technology, along with the best dental lab anywhere.  I can say my experience has truly been comfortable and painless.  I never thought I’d have the wonderful smile he has given me.  My finished product is awesome!  I am so glad I met Dr. Marshall and his staff at Cottonwood Dental Care.

Additional Testimonials

Carolyn Max

"Simply speaking, this man cares."

Hally Loe

"Dr. Marshall is an ARTIST! The results are amazing."

Mitch Smaellie

"I never thought I'd have this wonderful smile."

Phillip Moulton

"I had the smile I hadn't had since High School."

Trudy Treasure

"He makes you feel like a million bucks after every appointment."

Marilyn Reiley

Laser dental surgery worked for me

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