Phillip Moulton

Having had major teeth problems since high school, I have seen my fair share of dentists.  My experience with Dr. Marshall and his staff has been second to none!

When I moved to the Valley, Dr. Marshall was referred to me by a family member in the dental field that said, “If I were going to have any work done, Dr. Marshall is the one I would see. ” I decided to visit Dr. Marshall and was immediately impressed by the friendliness of he and his staff.

While meeting with me, Dr. Marshall expressed with confidence that he could fix my teeth PERMANENTLY, which was something that other dentists hadn’t been able to do.  He explained to me exactly what he wanted to do and we charted a plan of action.  Within a few months, all of my dental work was complete and I had the smile I hadn’t had since High School.  I am thrilled with my new PERMANENT teeth!

Dr. Marshall was fantastic!  He exuded total confidence that I would be happy with the work done, and I wasn’t disappointed!  Dr. Marshall is the only dentist for me and my family.

Additional Testimonials

Carolyn Max

"Simply speaking, this man cares."

Hally Loe

"Dr. Marshall is an ARTIST! The results are amazing."

Mitch Smaellie

"I never thought I'd have this wonderful smile."

Phillip Moulton

"I had the smile I hadn't had since High School."

Trudy Treasure

"He makes you feel like a million bucks after every appointment."

Marilyn Reiley

Laser dental surgery worked for me

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